Photo of prek student getting covid screening

receive at-home COVID-19 tests

Positive result at-home? Please let us know through the COVID-19 Reporting Form.

Rapid At-home COVID-19 Tests

iHealth self tests for at-home use will be distributed to students participating in school-based summer programs. There is no scheduled assurance testing at this time.

Opt-In Form in English:

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our community safe, Somerville Public Schools is implementing an at-home COVID-19 testing system in addition to our weekly pool testing for COVID-19. Students and staff will receive FREE COVID-19 rapid at-home testing kits along with a prescribed schedule for using the tests. Please fill out the opt-in form above to receive weekly rapid at-home COVID-19 tests for your students and staff members. 

Staff or students may be asked to test using at-home rapid COVID-19 test kits. Each kit will come with instructions. There are also video instructions available in some languages.


What to do if you or your child tests positive or is a close contact

Did you test positive? Students or staff members who test positive at home are asked to let us know by filling out this form.

Read what you should do if you or a close contact tests positive for COVID-19: English (updated 5.25.2022), Spanish (updated 1.18.2022), Portuguese (updated 5.25.2022), Haitian Creole (updated 5.25.2022)

Graphical chart of steps your family must take in situations where a student is a close contact or tests positive: English (see below), Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole


Flowchart for COVID-19 protocols after testing positive - English


working together to keep our community safe

Somerville Public Schools and the City of Somerville implemented COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols, and made improvements to all our buildings' ventilation systems. SPS routinely screens consenting students and staff for COVID-19. Our community also follows evidence-based protocols for social distancing, handwashing, and masking. We urge our community members and eligible students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to prevent the spread of the disease. Please read through this page for resource materials to answer your questions about COVID-19 and learn about our policies. You may also contact your school's nurse with questions. Read the latest Superintendent's Communication to get the most recent district updates.


Use the Daily Symptom Checklist Every Morning

Go through the Daily Symptom Checklist with your child before they leave the house each morning. Don't risk the health of your child or their community by sending them to school with symptoms.


Steps your family needs to take to travel safely

View the CDC travel guides for domestic travel (within the United States) and international travel.


Information about COVID-19 Testing at School

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, fill out the COVID-19 Testing Consent Form for yourself (staff) or your child (student).

Visit the COVID-19 Testing in SPS to learn how we use testing to screen for COVID-19 infection and the process for screening in our schools. Visit the City of Somerville COVID-19 Testing page for information about COVID-19 screening for students and community members outside of the school system, including rapid PCR testing through the City of Somerville Health and Human Services Department.


wearing a mask in school

In compliance with the Somerville City Council Public Indoor Face Covering Mandate, students, staff, and visitors to our schools and facilities must wear a mask.


getting vaccinated for students

Students ages 5 and older and staff are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as a way to protect themselves from serious illness or death and to reduce the likelihood of infecting others. Students must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in extracurricular activities or athletics, as mandated by the Somerville School Committee. Learn more about vaccination for participating in extracurricular activities.

SPS hosts convenient vaccination clinics at Somerville schools regularly; find this information at the Vaccine Clinic webpage. Find other free vaccination opportunities on the City of Somerville Vaccine page


Maintaining Physical Distance

Students and staff maintain 3 feet of social distance and meals are eaten outdoors when possible.